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Moor is a first person 3D pixel-styled rogue-like dungeon crawler, similar to more known games such as One more dungeon and Delver.

About[edit | edit source]

As in most rogue-like dungeon crawlers your main goal is to get as far down into the dungeon as you can manage with the help of various interesting loot. You'll face lots of different enemies and even bosses if you get far enough down. You'll gather loot throught chests, crates, barrels, jars, enemie drops and more as you progress.

The backstory of Moor pretty much goes like this...

In the ancient times when gods were in control, a portal connected to the underworld broke out and wild creatures and monsters started to flee, this caused a huge war lasting a long time, until the portal was sealed by the gods, by forging a large mountain over it, so it would never be avable again. A few thousand years later when men and human-like creatures were starting to appear, dwarfs and goblins were uniting to mine for precious resources in the large mountain, to only after a few generations of hard work finding the very forgotten portal to the underworld. By opening this they once again started what was finished a long time again. The dungeons were abandoned, sealed off, and never visited again.

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